Ken….and Paper (a lil’ Sum’n Sum’n about yours truly)

28 Dec

It would’ve been much easier for me to make grass salads and mud pies in the back yard with my little brother. Nah..the safari under my bed had vines that I could swing through to escape the tigers hunting below. The sounds of my big sister practicing her ball dribbling on our carport still ring in my ears. I had numerous opportunities to go outside and learn a thing or two from her. Tempting- but I had a classroom full of Care Bears in my closet that needed to learn how to multiply diamond by square. I was never athletic so missing out on sports never bothered me. It wasn’t until Lebron rose up and the Celtics started back up that I fell in love with sports. HA…out of 18 other cousins, I was ALWAYS the last to be picked for a softball game in my Grandfather’s yard. Cool. From the time I was six until I was fifteen, my imaginary friend Linda kept me company. Damn. I miss Linda. My imagination was far beyond what most wanted to deal with. My parents called me a liar. My classmates thought I was a clown and until now, I thought I was crazy. Or even a martian. Judge. For me, and thousands of others, there was always…always something missing. Enough was never enough for me. In high school, I’d watch the cheerleaders perform at pep rallies. By no means did I think I could do better. I was goofy and flimsy. My legs weren’t that hot in those skirts. But I always wanted to add something to their cheers. A better intro, exit or a skit in between. Even the morning announcements bugged me. Why did we have to hear who’s missing from In-school suspension before we heard music playing? I wouldn’t mind a little James Brown in the A.M. On the SAT, ACT I scored well…like really well. Top in the school. But in school…I sucked. I always needed to write a play, plan an event or do..SOMETHING. So shit, when I found out that a 2.0 was passing–I was content. As long as I knew I was smart, what else mattered? It wasn’t until I was allowed to host the first ever Manning High Relay for Life talent show that I found myself. It wasn’t a big gig. I’m pretty sure I’m one of five people that remembered me. But I found out that my voice, my words were going to be what made me. My SOUL rests in the pen, the mic…my VOICE. Take that away and you take my power. So here I am. Starting small, but starting–yes, that’s something that use to be difficult for me. I know not where I’m going with this but my mission is just to reach. If I touch you or not all depends on if you’re willing to reach back. Read, comment (honestly) and share. Love you, love the love and as always the love will be returned.

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3 Responses to “Ken….and Paper (a lil’ Sum’n Sum’n about yours truly)”

  1. Kwitta January 2, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

    Kaddie you’re the best, you’re so gifted when it comes to writing keep it up I think I’ll putmy Zane books down now 🙂 ❤

  2. Boonkie January 3, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    I tried to reply last night but I couldn’t cry last night. No cry Wednesdays is followed by “let it out” Thursdays. So, reply I will. First, allow me to say EEEeek! I’m jealous. Only because I wish I were as brave as you are. This took…more guts than .. what we as YOUR readers will ever understand. I heard your voice, I heard teeth sucking, I heard “pfffts” and I heard you reasoning with yourself to stop giggling and be serious. I can try to explain what this means to me but it’ll only come out in the form of …EEEEK!

  3. Alycia January 5, 2013 at 6:54 pm #

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